Financial Wellness Report

Protect The Future of Your Business With A Financial Wellness Report From American Hope Success

Financial Wellness ReportThe statisticians allow up to 80% of all businesses fail in the first ten years.

These same people make money as the number one cause of business failure. Personally, I think that assessment is a little superficial.

Yes, the owner closed the doors when the money ran out.

But, was that the real reason or was it a management issue?

Benjamin Franklin said time is money.

If you think about it, sales did not come in fast enough.

More sales in a shorter period give more cash flow enabling you to pay the bills on time and continue to operate your business.

Have you considered getting consulting help to keep your company from joining the ranks of failure like eight out of 10 business startups?

Have you had a financial checkup in the last 12 months?

Or, are you the kind of person who says “I feel fine.”

“I do not have time for a trip to the doctor’s office so that they can poke around.”

The medical profession gives five reasons why you should have a physical every year.

1. Weight and blood pressure checks can help avoid heart disease which causes one out of four deaths in the US.
2. Monitoring your height can detect shrinkage that can lead to osteoporosis causing disability and or death.
3. Cancer screening – early detection increases the cure rate significantly.
4. Staying current with vaccines
5. A closer relationship with your physician allows them to provide better health advice.

The financial strength of your company is no less important than your physical health.

At American Hope Success we provide a 3 to 5-year financial analysis that will reveal:

1. The creditworthiness of your business. One segment of the report has an 80% plus accuracy rate in predicting a failure in the next 12 months.
2. Our Financial Wellness Report will help you show your company in its best light.
3. We will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business.
4. The Financial Wellness Report will establish a framework for either a turnaround or a new growth strategy.
5. It will give early detection warning signs of any negative trends.
6. We will compare your business and financial ratios to industry benchmarks allowing you to compare your results with other firms your size in the same SIC code.

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