The Law of Success2


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The Law of Success Squared2


What would life look like if you doubled your income?

Have you dreamed of winning the Lottery? The pit knotted up in your stomach as you think about what to do with all that money. First, you would take care of your charitable giving and then —- Wow, I think I will buy a private island, or maybe I’ll buy (fill in your favorite sports team). Then someone calls and you have to wake up to reality. Your odds of winning are astronomical.

Most of today’s ultra-rich started out with a dream of doubling their income. Wayne Huizenga had a dream when he purchased a used garbage truck and a few accounts. At first, it was to increase the number of customers. Then it was the second truck, and then, after a few years of hard work, he owned the largest waste management company in the USA. By the way, he bought his favorite sports team along the way.

Read the stories of Michael Dell, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Sam Walton and thousands of others who had a dream. First, it was a small dream – double my income – then it was larger and larger every year until they were sitting on the top of the list of high-income earners.

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